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National Parks, National Assets

The 'Valuing National Parks' report published in May 2013 shows the importance of National Parks not just as iconic landscapes and part of our national identity, but as thriving rural economies contributing to national prosperity and wellbeing through their special qualities. The report is packed with information and case studies showing how National Park Authorities support rural businesses, communities and economies. They do this while ensuring the National Parks remain beautiful places where people want to live, work and visit, with rich cultural and ecological assets.

The report is the result of National Parks England commissioning Cumulus Consultants and ICF GHK to assess the contribution of England's National Parks to national and local economic prosperity and well-being.

The results of the report are summarised in 'National Parks, National Assets', including an infographic illustrating key findings.

Richard Benyon MP, the Defra Minister with responsibility for National Parks, said:

"This report demonstrates the role of National Parks not just as iconic landscapes and part of our national identity and history, but as living, thriving economies and communities.

In bringing together the most up-to-date socio-economic data relating to National Parks the report is valuable evidence of the contribution National Parks make to local and national prosperity and well-being.

Such evidence is critical in helping make the right decisions for the right places at the right time.

I know that the Park Authorities work hard to support and grow rural businesses and the leveraged funding achieved by the Authorities is impressive, as is their enthusiasm and innovation.

Importantly the report also identifies opportunities for future economic growth within National Park boundaries. Working in partnership is the key to success and we in Defra look forward to working with the Park Authorities to make the most of those opportunities."

Valuing England's National Parks - Full Report

National Parks, National Assets - Summary and Infographic

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National Parks National Assets Infographic

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