England's National Parks support rich and diverse habitats and wildlife. Over 23 per cent of land in the National Parks is designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), and over 330,000 hectares is recognised and protected as being of international conservation importance.

National Park Authorities work with partners to conserve and enhance the species and habitats found in National Parks. The size of the Parks gives valuable opportunities to connect up habitats and help wildlife to move through the landscape. National Parks are also great places for people to connect with and learn about nature.

National Parks have a big contribution to make to the national and international targets that have been set for conserving biodiversity. In England, these are captured in Government's Biodiversity 2020 strategy. National Park Authorities come together through National Parks England to share their expertise and ensure that National Parks are at the forefront of nature conservation.


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National Parks England's key points for the England Peatland Strategy (Aug 2020)

Biodiversity Offsetting - submission by National Parks England (Nov 2013)