National Parks are England's finest landscapes, demonstrating natural beauty in all its varieties. But landscape in National Parks has always been about more than just beautiful scenery – it is shaped by the interactions between people and their environment. National Park landscapes are not frozen in time. They are constantly evolving and developing, and National Park Authorities ensure this happens in a sustainable way that conserves the special qualities that people value.

National Parks England supports the 'protect, manage and plan' approach to landscapes as advocated by the European Landscape Convention. National Park Authorities use this concept of landscape to look at the bigger picture and help reconcile competing concerns. Landscape often provides a much closer fit to the way people relate to an area, or how natural systems function, than administrative boundaries can.


The Landscape Declaration - made at the UK National Parks Conference September 2013

England's National Parks and the European Landscape Convention

Consultation responses

National Grid Visual Impact Provision - response (September 2013)


The Landscape Declaration (2013)

NPE and NAAONB Accord 2015