National Park Authorities (NPAs) seek to ensure people can learn, experience and enjoy what National Parks have to offer using sustainable means of transport. That means NPAs working closely with highway authorities, private bus and rail operators and other partners. We wish to secure investment in sustainable forms of transport.  In 2013 the Government awarded £17m for cycling projects in and around National Parks. NPAs were behind many exciting schemes and an evaluation shows that, on average, for every £1 spent a total of £7 worth of benefit was achieved.  But there’s still much to do.

NPAs are maintaining and enhancing walking and cycling routes, supporting new cycle hire facilities, brokering integrated ticketing deals, and in some cases providing bus services for visitors and residents.

Getting sustainable transport right can enhance the tourism offer of National Parks, reduce carbon emissions and traffic problems associated with congestion and parking.  Increased use of local sustainable transport options can also help maintain these services for local people living in the National Park to use and support the local economy.

We also need to manage the existing infrastructure carefully in our National Parks by, for example, avoiding the unnecessary ‘cluttering’ of the countryside by road signage.


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