Vision and Mission

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In 2010 we developed a twenty year Vision for England's National Parks and the Broads. This was adopted by Government and published in the current National Parks Circular. The work of National Parks England and the individual National Park Authorities contributes to the achievement of this Vision.

Vision for the English National Parks and the Broads

By 2030 English National Parks and the Broads will be places where:

  • There are thriving, living, working landscapes notable for their natural beauty and cultural heritage. They inspire visitors and local communities to live within environmental limits and to tackle climate change. The wide-range of services they provide (from clean water to sustainable food) are in good condition and valued by society.
  • Sustainable development can be seen in action. The communities of the Parks take an active part in decisions about their future. They are known for having been pivotal in the transformation to a low carbon society and sustainable living. Renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, low carbon transport and travel and healthy, prosperous communities have long been the norm.
  • Wildlife flourishes and habitats are maintained, restored and expanded and linked effectively to other ecological networks. Woodland cover has increased and all woodlands are sustainably managed, with the right trees in the right places. Landscapes and habitats are managed to create resilience and enable adaptation.
  • Everyone can discover the rich variety of England's natural and historic environment, and have the chance to value them as places for escape, adventure, enjoyment, inspiration and reflection, and a source of national pride and identity. They will be recognised as fundamental to our prosperity and well-being.


Our Mission can be summarised as:

"Government, partners and stakeholders understand, are inspired by, and value the work of National Park Authorities in England, and provide sustained support and resources to enable them to further National Park purposes and the Vision"