The Ten English National Park Management Plans

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Below you can find links to the ten English National Park Authority websites and the latest information on the status of the Management Plan for their area. The law currently states that Plans should be reviewed every 5 years.

National Parks England also maintains an overview, and immediately below you can see those National Parks that will be publishing updated Plans over the next three years.

2020 – New Forest, Lake District, Dartmoor

2021 – Northumberland

2022 -

Broads Authority

2017 - 2022

Broads logoThe Broads Plan is the key strategic management plan for the Broads, setting a long-term vision and guiding decisions affecting the future of this special landscape. The Plan coordinates a wide range of strategies, plans and policies relevant to the area with the purposes and duties set out in the Broads Acts.

The Broads Authority Partnership Plan 2017-2022


2014 - 2019

Dartmoor logo This is the single most important plan for the future of Dartmoor National Park. It is the strategic plan for the National Park, one that will guide decisions affecting Dartmoor's future over the coming five years. It is a Plan for the National Park as a whole and not just for the National Park Authority, although the Authority, along with many other stakeholders and the local community, will be key to the delivery of the Management Plan.

Dartmoor National Park Management Plan 2014-2019


2018 - 2023

Exmoor logo The Exmoor National Park Partnership Plan is for everyone who cares about Exmoor: the place, its communities and the benefits the National Park provides to the nation.

Exmoor National Park Partnership Plan 2018-2023

Lake District

2015 - 2020

Lake District logo The Lake District National Park Partnership recently prepared its 2015-2020 Plan to manage the Lake District. This Plan sets out how the partners work together to proactively and effectively manage the Lake District as a National Park and as a prospective World Heritage Site.

The Lake District National Park Partnership Plan 2015-2020

New Forest

2015 - 2020

New Forest logoThe original National Park Management Plan was updated in 2015 and has been published as the Partnership Plan for the New Forest National Park. It includes new priority actions for the period 2015 – 2020 to help deliver the two National Park purposes and duty. The Partnership Plan should be read in conjunction with the original Management Plan published in 2010.

The New Forest National Park Partnership Plan 2015-2020

North York Moors

2017 - 2022

NYM logoThe Management Plan for the National Park was refreshed in 2016. The Plan, which was subject to ongoing consultation and discussion as part of its production, represents the broad agreement of residents, businesses and local and national organisations as to how the National Park will be managed over the next 15 years.

The North York Moors National Park Partnership Plan 2017-2022


2016 - 2021

Northumberland logoNorthumberland National Park Authority has a duty to prepare a National Park Management Plan as the framework for the delivery of the National Park statutory purposes and duty. The Management Plan is the single most important document for the National Park, setting out the guiding principles, vision, objectives and actions for managing the National Park.

Northumberland National Park Management Plan 2016-2021

Peak District

2018 - 2023

Peak District logoThe plan brings together and coordinates the work of many different partners who help achieve the purposes and duty of the Peak District National Park. It aims to encourage integrated approaches that achieve national park purposes in ways that benefit everyone. The plan is the single most important policy document for the national park. In June and July 2017 the Peak District NPA held a public consultation on the management plan.

Peak District National Park Management Plan

South Downs

2020 - 2025

South Downs logoThe plan has been a joint venture from the start, with many individuals, organisations and networks in, and, around the National Park, who have helped to shape it and will now be involved in its delivery. It is, after all, for all those with an interest in or influence on the National Park.

The South Downs National Park Partnership Plan 2020-2025

Yorkshire Dales

2019 - 2024

Yorkshire Dales logoThis Management Plan sets out our ambitions for how the National Park will be looked after over the next five to ten years. It will guide and focus the work that we will do to secure a prosperous future for the National Park and its communities.

Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan