National Parks England response to launch of London National Park City

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A Greater London National Park City – NPE Position

National Parks are known worldwide as the finest places to experience nature, heritage and beauty.  National Parks England welcomes the launch of London as the world’s first National Park City and the capacity it has to help millions of people to connect with nature, and to showcase the opportunity for people to experience the UK’s 15 National Parks.

This year sees the National Park City turn from concept to reality, in the same year that we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the legislation that created our traditional National Parks.  To use the National Park concept to encourage millions of people in one of the world’s greatest cities to engage with nature and heritage pays a great compliment to our National Parks.  We welcome everyone who lives within the new National Park City to enjoy the environment both on your doorstep, and in your National Parks beyond.   

The London National Park City will share many values with England’s National Parks; can help people to celebrate and connect with nature and the city’s rich cultural heritage; and to play an active role in its conservation and enhancement.  Applying this concept to a densely urban environment is a radically new concept that will benefit from bespoke purposes and approach.  National Parks England welcomes the opportunity to share and exchange our experience with those involved in London National Park City and wish it every success.