National Parks England Response to the England Trees Action Plan and Peat Action Plan

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National Parks England Response to the England Trees Action Plan and Peat Action Plan

May 18 2021

National Parks England welcomes the Government’s announcement of the England Trees Action Plan and Peat Action Plan.

Work under these Action Plans will support National Parks to be places where wildlife flourishes, habitats are maintained, restored, and extended, and be places where everyone can experience nature and wildlife at their best.

By working together and with existing partners, National Parks act as a central hub for collaboration, not just as landscapes, but also as on the ground organisations with the expertise, local knowledge, and delivery capability. The Great North Bog delivered across four National Parks and three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, holds 92% of the upland peat in England and is an example of the unique ability to drive innovation at scale and pace – it showcases the capability National Parks offer in the path to Green Recovery.

We aim to deliver at least 45,000 hectares of peatland restoration and 11,000 hectares of new native woodland over the next ten years. This will deliver 20% of the Government’s nature recovery target on 10% of the land, sequestering 330,000 tonnes of carbon per year.

National Parks, as beacons for nature recovery, look forward to working with Government and partners to restore nature, tackle the climate emergency, and build back greener. We welcome this important investment in nature.


National Parks England is the umbrella organisation that brings together the nine English National Park Authorities (NPAs) and the Broads Authority. It exists to support policy and practice by providing a collective voice for the views of the English NPAs, raising the profile of their work, facilitating discussion on issues of common concern, and working in partnership with other bodies.

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