National Parks England's Response to Landscapes Review

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National Parks England’s comment on the Glover Review

Margaret Paren, Chair of National Parks England, said:

“National Parks England welcomes today’s publication of the Review into how to enhance our National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  These special places can inspire future generations to care for the environment and we’re delighted that Julian Glover recommends this should be an expectation for every child.”

“With the major challenges we face as a society, from climate change, nature recovery, to mental health, National Parks have a vital role to play. They are protected for everyone and are open to all.”

“We look forward to now working with Government to consider how we can collectively address the challenges and make the most of the opportunities raised by the Review.  This includes the means and resources required to achieve thriving National Parks, which are truly enjoyed by everyone.”



National Parks England is the umbrella organisation that brings together the nine English National Park Authorities (NPAs) and the Broads Authority. It exists to support policy and practice by providing a collective voice for the views of the English NPAs, raising the profile of their work, facilitating discussion on issues of common concern, and working in partnership with other bodies.  

In its submission to the Glover Review, National Parks England championed five ambitions:

  1. NATURE - National Parks as bigger and better places for nature, connected through wildlife corridors to each other and resilient to climate change
  2. FARMING - Bespoke farming and land management schemes that work for National Parks and underpin wider rural development
  3. HEALTH - A strong new partnership with the NHS to improve people’s health, well-being, and recovery
  4. CHILDREN - A Government commitment that every child has the opportunity to visit a National Park to enjoy outstanding learning experiences during their time at school
  5. PASSION - Harnessing a passion for our National Parks

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National Parks England

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